My Mini-Retirement From Coaching

I know what you’re thinking:

“Nick, what’s the difference between a mini-retirement and an extended vacation?”

To be honest, I don’t know. “Mini-retirement” just seems to be what all the kids are using now, so I’m going with that.

My Island In the Sun

I guess the other question is “why?”

That one I can answer:

As it turns out, I’ve found it impossible to be both the best dating coach in the world and the best self-help author I can be at the same time. I’m sure there are some people who can pull it off; unfortunately I’ve found that I’m not one of them.

While coaching will forever be my first love and I’ll miss changing lives like no other, right now I’m putting my full attention on releasing the best book I can, then focusing on retooling my coaching to make that better than ever. While no one can guarantee anything in this crazy chaotic universe, if I were a betting man I’d put my money on this decision being well worth the time off.

If you are in absolute need of some emergency coaching, there is no one I can better refer you to than Christina Berkley ( I’ve had the pleasure of working with Christina now for the past 4 years, and if you read my testimonials, you’ll see that she’s a major reason that my programs have become so successful. Plus, she’s agreed to give a free coaching session to whomever drops my name because she loves me.

In the meantime, look for some updates to the blog as I make my most-read content easier to access, I’ll miss you, and I can’t wait to be back as a full-fledged author and better than ever.



Fantastic questions for this week:


  • How can I stop daydreaming about a girl after I have a good interaction.
  • If a woman wants to have sex on a first date, should you always go for it?
  • How long does it take to get over a serious breakup, and what are more specific ways I can speed up the process?
  • How do you deal with shy girls in nightclubs when the conversation isn’t really flowing?
  • How do you set/control the frame in a conversation?
  • How do I get over my fear of STD’s?
  • What do you do when you run out of things to say?
  • What do I do if a girl checks out my Facebook profile and seems distant afterward?

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Questions for this week include:


  • She has a test coming up, and isn’t going on any dates until it’s over, when/what should I text her?
  • I have trouble trying to create rapport via text, should I call instead?
  • Even though I try to get girls to talk, it feels like they always put the onus of being interesting back on me, what should I do?
  • What’s the biggest difference between college game and real life?
  • Do nice guys really finish last?
  • You say your goal is to get her talking, but sometimes I get called out for not talking enough. What should I do?
  • I’m feeling “numb” after a bad breakup, is this normal?
  • A girl said to me: “you can’t handle me” – how would you respond to this?
  • What do I do if she doesn’t fill in the “lull” in conversation?
  • How do you “pick up older women?
  • How does growing up with divorce affect your love life?
  • Any advice for online dating?
  • I may have ruined things with a girl I liked because I was too afraid to get sexual on our first date – any way I can recover?
  • How does “daygame” differ from “night game”?
  • How can I bring women I’m really attracted to into my social circle when my friends can be embarrassing?
  • How can I be “dominant” in a mixed group of girls and guys?
  • How do you deal with socially dominant women?
  • Is there any way to make a powerful impression over text?

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You sent me your questions, both ahead of time and through the youtube comment box, and I answered them live. Here’s what happened last night in case you missed it:

(A list of the questions answered, and the downloadable audio can be found below the video)

  • I always get better responses from girls during the day than at night. What’s going on?
  • This girl seems colder when I’m going for the second date, what should I do? (Text examples given)
  • Who should pay for a date?
  • I’m a smaller guy and people seem to pick on me. What should I do?
  • How do you know you’ve found “the one”?
  • How can I not give out the vibe that I’m only going out to talk to girls?
  • What do you think about getting back with your ex?
  • This girl I’m seeing is also seeing another guy. How can I get her to pick me over him?
  • What do you do when girls react to your work negatively?
  • Thoughts on “direct vs indirect”?

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Lot’s of great questions this week. Enjoy!

(List of questions and downloadable audio found after the video)

  • I often lose interest in a girl after sleeping with her, am I a bad person?
  • Should I be using “cocky comedy”?
  • How do I get a girl off her cell phone?
  • How do you get sexual physically?
  • How do I keep things on the “DL” with a girl from work?
  • Should I talk to a girl while she’s in a group or on the move?
  • There’s not much to do in my town, how do I keep dates from turning monotonous?

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