You Will Never Beat “The Game”- Why This is The Best News You’ve Heard All Day

There’s a popular notion floating around among men that there are a few of us who have women completely figured out and that once they have that knowledge and skill they too will have the ability to attract and seduce any woman, anytime, anywhere. I’ve come to discover that it is impossible for any one man to do this… and why that’s great for every man for a good number of reasons.

When I was was younger I, like a-lot of guys, played a good deal of video-games. Even at an early age my male drive to conquer was strong. I would get a new game, play it until I had every last detail mastered and finally beat it, and I took a great deal of pleasure in that. Then if I played through the game again and beat it again and I’d enjoy it still, but not as much as that first time and even more than each subsequent time after. I’d get a new game and it was the same story and I wound up with a-lot of old games in my attic that I ended up donating to charity.

Men take this same approach to a vast multitude of things from sports and work, to playing an instrument and developing a palate for wine. We see a talent or intelligence we want to develop, work to master it, and,  if we have the perseverance, “beat the game” before moving on to a new one.

I major flaw in the thinking of many men in “the community” is to look at women in the same way that we look at any other puzzle we want to tackle. We think that if we put everything we have into it, study everything we can, and wrap our minds around the opposite sex we’ll master it and “beat” that game like we would any other one. Not only is this line of thinking one that would suck for any man if it were the case but it is one that, if true, would hold men back from achieving their greatest potential.

For starters, women are one game that I would never want to beat in the first place. If I really could take any girl home from the bar that I wanted and make any women I see on the street fall head over heels for me I  would eventually grow tired with it just like every other project in my life. Sure at first it would be extremely fun the first time I did it but every subsequent time afterward would become a bit less exciting as that first time until finally I’d simply prefer to go check out that new movie than to snap my fingers and have another girl panting heavily in my bed. If this were ever the situation I’d start to question if life was worth being lived by anyone.

One other important point to make: don’t be one of those guys who think that you “beat the game” simply by sleeping with a girl. If you’re celebrating because you achieved access to a vagina then you’re missing out on the very best of what women have to offer.

You will never “beat the game”. Every single woman is a freaking treasure trove. Some have more value to your situation than others but it is always a new amazing experience to look inside one and find all of the quirks and personality wrinkles that make them different than every other woman out there. Because there is so much diversity it would be impossible for any one man to have all of them “figured out”. Some women like taller men, some like them shorter. Some women are married, others homosexual. Some women prefer very masculine men, other’s prefer more feminine features, while every other one prefers some combination in the middle.

Not only will you never fully “master” women as a whole, but a truly great woman will be an infinite fount of new wonders and challenges all by herself. This not only is great news for anyone who plans on settling down but is also essential for men to become as close to perfection as we can on this plane of existence.

To go back to my geeky video game analogy, as I would play a particular game my experience would grow until I was proficient at it as possible. Because women are a never-ending fount of challenges they also offer us the infinite opportunity to gain more experience and improve ourselves.

In his best-selling novel, The Game, Neil Strauss spends the first two thirds of the book talking about all of his techniques and sexual adventures on his path to mastering “the game”. The final third of the book is a less sensational read as Neil spends more time talking about things other than crazy threesomes and women pulling him in bathrooms and is often an afterthought for men who want the type of success that he experienced in the first two thirds. I would argue though, that the real development that led him to become truly comfortable this part of his life can be found in that afterthought.

My favorite quote in that book comes from that final third and is as follows: “Men are not dogs. We merely think we are and, on occasion, act as if we are. But, by believing in our nobler nature, women have the amazing power to inspire us to live up to it.

I began my own journey with that book and the amazing thing that happened was that what started as a quest to improve my abilities with women became a journey to become the best man I could possibly be. As a result I am more confident, patient, socially intelligent, strong, well-spoken, outgoing, and a million other little things that have changed every aspect of my life.

If you are a man who is simply focused on “beating the game” you’re missing the purpose of the game in the first place.

Whether it be one woman or many women in your life, never harbor the idea that you will get this all taken care of like everything else in your life. Instead, be thankful that they are one thing in your life that you will never have mastered and that will always surprise you. When a women tests you, instead of feeling frustrated if you don’t know the right answer be thankful that you have been given and will continue to get opportunities to make yourself a better man. If you get shot down by a women at the bar, instead of beating yourself over the fact that you’re missing something, smile at the fact that you’ll never be able to attract and seduce every single one of them.

A video game can give you the minimal skill of being able to play it well and the minimal enjoyment of beating it. Women will always be new and exciting and offer you the ability to improve yourself until the day that you die. You will never beat “the game”, and thank God for that.

3 thoughts on “You Will Never Beat “The Game”- Why This is The Best News You’ve Heard All Day

  1. Wonderful Post Nick. Really insightful.

    Reminds me of a quote from Bruce Willis I once heard:

    ‘Becoming famous was great fun… for about a week.’

    It is nothing short of addictive to have to do it all over again in a slightly different way for every new woman I meet.

  2. That’s awesome. I hope you’ll understand all my gamer slang when I come down to NY haha 😛

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