Who are you?

Let me share a text I received from a female:

I didn’t realize you had a side gig as a performer. I thought you were all cute bartender/entrepeneur, but apparently not. Nick, Nick, Nick, the things I am learning…I am only a little bit scared.” 

Who are you? What do you do? Are you an interesting person? If you saw yourself would you say: “man, I really want to get to know that guy”?Spice up your life. The only thing is, don’t do things just because they look attractive to women. That will just make you stressed and hurt your energy. Do something now that you’re truely interested in.

Always wanted to take that pottery/cooking class? Do it. Always think it would be fun to try standup comedy? Sign up for an open mic. Bomb for fun. Just enhance your life with one or two things.

As Napoleon Dynamite said, “girls just want guys with skills”.