Taking control of your energy

So here’s my take on energy/vibe, what kind to have and how to cultivate and project it:

Fun. Positive. Electric. These are all words that people should associate with you. Whenever you walk anywhere, walk like you own the place.  Everyone knows confidence is attractive, so you have to project it, all with a very fun, positive vibe. When you say something, speak as though you can say anything you want to anyone at any time. 

I know my description would be described as more broad than specific, so questions on exactly what I mean are very welcomed and will help me in expanding my own definition.

So how do you get this vibe? I’ve found the most effective way to be a simple 2 part strategy. First off, talk to yourself. I’m a bit embarrassed to admit this but I’ll look at myself in the mirror and pump myself up with positive affirmations. I know it sounds kind of lame…

But decades of scientific evidence has shown that this works. I recommend telling yourself things like “I’m the most charismatic person in the world. People are lucky to talk to me. I choose who I will honor with my presence. I am the most fun person in the world.”Trust me, it works. 

The second thing that whenever you leave your place, whether to go to the bank or the bar, the though you should have running through your mind as much as possible is: where’s the  next adventure? Where is the closest opportunity to have the most fun possible right now.

If you do these two things you’ll find it is almost impossible not to notice a difference in your interactions with everyone, from the teller at the bank to the girl at the nightclub.  

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