Stop Staring At Her Body

A woman walks past you with a figure that sets off every evolutionary attraction trigger in your body. Maybe you love long legs. Maybe you love curves like Keeley Hazell. Perhaps you love petite women. Whatever is the case, this woman walks directly in your path, wearing something that perfectly compliments that particular feature that makes you heart beat faster.

Of course, you’re a guy so it’s hard not to look a little bit longer than you know you should. Every second you look, your blood rushes farther away from your brain and you find that verbal competency isn’t exactly what it was a moment ago. If you find the strength to go and talk to her you’ll be lucky to get out a “that dress looks great on you” without stuttering.

Now, if you’re fairly good looking and have a ton of confidence and she’s in the right frame of mind then this could actually work, however it’s not really giving yourself the best odds.

Instead of letting your eyes fall where they naturally want to, make a concerted effort to focus her eyes elsewhere, namely: her face. Not only does this keep more blood in your brain and make you more charming, it also gives you a number of other advantages.

For starters, as long as your body language is good there’s a good chance that she’s going to meet your eye contact. If this lasts longer than two seconds, then you know she wants you to talk to her. On the flip side, if she notices you staring at her body, she may not want you to come talk to her as much. This is because it takes a man to look her right in the eye. Avoiding eye contact while looking at her body is an easy way to tell he that you don’t deserve her, but you still think she’s hot.

Don’t get me wrong, of course you have to check out the body, but even this you can use to your advantage. When you and a woman hold eye contact keep the eye contact going as you approach. When you’re a couple steps away from her let your glance drift from her eyes to give a quick up-and-down of her body before meeting her gaze again with a smile. This takes you from some guy staring at her ass to a man who’s caught her interest and charmingly compliments her with approval after a quick glance.

Even if she doesn’t make eye contact with you, you can still gain a lot from looking at her face. You’ll be able to tell if she’s bored, happy, nervous, pre-occupied, looking for guys, or having fun; all of  which will affect how you talk to her when you approach.* Suddenly this woman isn’t some hot girl who you can’t figure out how to approach, but becomes a person with the same thoughts and insecurities that you have. This alone makes it ten times easier to empathize and connect with them.

Once again, I know it’s not the easiest thing to do, but the more you switch your focus from her body to her face, the more opportunities you’ll give yourself with some of the girls that you may have previously thought were just out of your league. Focus on this the next time you go out and you’ll find yourself talking to more of the women that you may have thought were beyond your reach the night before.

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  1. i am a face person, so when i look at her face, i get the same kind of reaction as anyone else looking at her body hahaa.

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