You sent me your questions, both ahead of time and through the youtube comment box, and I answered them live. Here’s what happened last night in case you missed it:

(A list of the questions answered, and the downloadable audio can be found below the video)

  • I always get better responses from girls during the day than at night. What’s going on?
  • This girl seems colder when I’m going for the second date, what should I do? (Text examples given)
  • Who should pay for a date?
  • I’m a smaller guy and people seem to pick on me. What should I do?
  • How do you know you’ve found “the one”?
  • How can I not give out the vibe that I’m only going out to talk to girls?
  • What do you think about getting back with your ex?
  • This girl I’m seeing is also seeing another guy. How can I get her to pick me over him?
  • What do you do when girls react to your work negatively?
  • Thoughts on “direct vs indirect”?

Downloadable Audio