Talk to Nick!

You’ve got a question.

Maybe you know exactly what that question is, or maybe you’re not quite sure how to say it and you’ve just got a feeling of discontent.

Either way you know there’s something in the way of being exactly where you want to be in your life – where you know you should be.

You’re Not Alone

Whether you need help with a specific issue (turning a number into a date, approaching a stranger you’re intimidated by, “damage control” with a current relationship) or a more general problem (approaching strangers, holding conversations with the women you’re most attracted to, getting sexual without worrying about being inappropriate or “creepy”) – our time together will be spent rooting out the underlying problem and devising a simple plan of action to make sure the issue is gone for good.

Simply choose the time that works best for you below, fill out the necessary info (phone number for US residents, Skype name or Google Hangouts email in the comments section if overseas), and I (Nick Sparks) will confirm your appointment and call you at that time –  changes can be made if notice is given within 24 hours.

Calls often go over the set time limit and the cost of $95 is fully refundable if you are dissatisfied with your service for any reason, no questions asked.

Looking forward to talking with you soon!

(Discounts available on multi-session packages. Just ask!)

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