Owning the Bar

It’s good to be the guy who knows everyone. Good to be that guy who walks into a place and seems to own it. One guy who is always good to know is the bartender. When you walk up to a crowded bar and get your drinks immediately and chat with the guy serving them it’s much easier to open a conversation with the cute girl who is still waiting.

So how do you establish this type of rapport with such a prestigious person? As a former bartender I have some words to share on getting in good with the man who will help you be that much more VIP, and thus that much more attractive to the opposite sex.

The best way to become a familiar face is to pick out whichever bar you want to be known at and start frequenting it during the less than busy times. Go in on a weekday when you’d be one of the only people at the bar and start doing this regularly.

Start with some small talk and also when he or she asks you what you want, ask what their specialty is. Bartenders love it when you treat them like an expert.

It’s also good to have a regular drink. Often, he won’t remember your name but he will remember your face and if you have a drink tied to that face even better. Plus, when it’s busy, you’ll often get a drink handed to you without even asking.

On those slow days, introduce yourself to the bartender, and remember his name. Saying, “Hey Jimmy, good to see you again” goes a long way. Of course tipping well goes without saying.

Another thing bartenders love is that when the bar is busy and someone orders something, just say, “can you make that two?” It’s easy to make a 2nd of something if he’s already making 1 and the fact that you’re saving him an extra trip to the well will be appreciated.

One more thing, if you order a round of shots, always ask the bartender if he/she wants one. A little consideration goes a long way. 

Women have very keen social senses and are fully aware of who knows who. Plus, don’t be surprised if you get a free drink every now and again as well.