Patience Grasshopper

If you’re receiving this message, it’s either because the questions from the previous assignment weren’t answered, or because the previous assignment wasn’t practiced for a full week before moving onto the next one.

“But Nick, I want all of the content now!!!”

The reason I designed the course this way is because I wanted the results you get from the course to be as close to the results of my live training as possible — that is, to be permanent.

If you just spent a day or two working on the assignments, then, like with many of the other “quick-fix” programs out there, you’d see an initial change, but one that would quickly fade as you reverted back to your old habits not long after. I want each assignment practiced for a full week — and then continued into the following weeks — so that they become deeply ingrained habits, ones that won’t fade after the course but that will become permanent and bring permanent results.

Even if you executed the assignment perfectly your first day, continue to keep it as your main focus the next 6 days (and as a side focus for the rest of the course) until you do it without even having to think about it.

Thank you for patience! I promise it will be repaid in the results you see.