Sparks of Attraction Live Coaching

It’s the only program that guarantees a lifetime of confidence and success with women…

without pickup lines, tricks or gimmicks.

This isn’t about you

This is about me

This isn’t about what you want

This is about what I want…

And I want success stories

I want you to date who you want.

I want to take awesome guys who aren’t consistently living out their social, professional, and dating potential and turn them into beasts. I want you to have the ability to instantly connect with anyone, know how to make a woman feel sexy with no effort, keep your cool in any social situation, and have more amazing sex than you can handle with the woman (or women) to whom you’re most attracted.

I want to show you how to express your sexual self so you aren’t limited to dating the women who flirt with you first. I want to show you the confidence that only comes from being comfortable with all of yourself.

I want you to have countless flirtatious interactions every day. I want you to connect more profoundly with everyone around you.

Why do I want these things? Because I’m fortunate enough to have one of the most rewarding jobs in the world, but few things frustrate me more than when we don’t get these results.

Not everyone will get this…

That’s why we have an application process. I’m not going to promise you anything I can’t deliver, and I won’t respond to an application if I feel we’d both just be disappointed.

If I feel you’re in the ballpark of a good fit, a member of our team will contact you to setup a call to determine if I can help you, or whether we feel another company would be a better fit for you. Again, I’m looking for success stories.

You don’t have to be an Abercrombie model

I mean it doesn’t hurt of course, but looks matter far less to women than they do to us, and I’ve gotten these results with plenty of guys who some would be considered “6’s”. Sexy is all about the way you carry yourself.

What does matter?

What’s your attitude like? What are your feelings and beliefs about women? About yourself? What does your past and current dating life look like? What does your social life look like? How many close friends do you have? How many female friends do you have? What have you accomplished? How do you deal with adversity? Why do you want these results? Where are your limiting beliefs coming from? How coach-able are you? What kind of solutions are you looking for? What does success look like for you?

Keep in mind that you don’t have to be perfect on all of these things to be a great candidate for coaching. I do have some dealbreakers — for example, guys looking to manipulate women into bed will not be accepted — but I’ve had guys who’ve never kissed a woman getting handjobs under the table at the bar on Saturday night of the workshop… it’s really a combination of factors.

What your workshop looks like:

As Andrew said, the real work happens during roughly 14 hours of classroom sessions. There’s no lecturing, just nonstop interaction with incredible women. The whole time I’m over your shoulder making sure you’re doing it right. Night times are simply to test your ability to execute when the pressure is high and to gain confidence through overwhelmingly positive feedback.

More specifically, here’s how we spend our time:

Friday: Instant Connection
Friday afternoon is all about being able to form an instant emotional connection with anyone and maintain it throughout the interaction so that all your conversations are amazing. Any difficulties you had maintaining awesome conversations will disappear and you’ll wonder why you made it so difficult to begin with.

We’ll spend around 7 hours putting you in different scenarios with our lovely female assistants until you get it right. All you have to do Friday night see how easy this is in the real world.

“Sexy” Saturday: Sexual Communication
You may be a bit groggy after Friday night, but you’ll have no trouble perking right up as we start the afternoon with sexual drills, where you’ll get very, very close to our female instructors. You’ll learn how get sexual with a woman in a way that will never be called out for being ‘inappropriate,’ control the sexual tension, and go in for the kiss. Any awkwardness you’ve ever felt about such moments will evaporate, replaced with an eagerness to flirt with every woman you meet.

After getting rested and scrubbed up, you’ll head to the bars for the final night… and those stories usually stay on the trip.

Sunday: Recap
Whooooo… you made it! After three days of being challenged, pushed, and refined, it’s time to celebrate and recap your progress over a long brunch. You’ll share stories with fellow classmates, receive feedback on any lingering weak spots, ask any final questions you may have, and receive a personalized action plan to go home with. You’ll say final good-byes around 2PM, and depart with breakthroughs aplenty, new relationships and memories, and a new life to look forward to.

PS If we happen to extend our goodbyes into a little Sunday Funday it wouldn’t be the first time

(Optional, for additional cost) Thursday Evening: Talking to Everyone
If you want to see how I talk to strangers (yes, including women) when I’m not exhausted from running classroom sessions, or if you feel that approaching is going to be an obstacle that you want to get out of the way early, we provide this option.

To be clear, this is not in any way necessary for me to promise life-changing results. It’s simply an option for those who want more time with me.

What do you want?

Do you want your options for a partner to be limited to the women who flirt with you first, or would you like to select a partner (or partners) out of the women you’re most attracted to?

Do you want to watch people with better social skills continue to pass you professionally, or do you want to climb the ladder faster while doing less work?

Do you want to buy into more excuses about how hard dating is, or do you want to join the 5% of men for whom it’s easy?

Do you want to hang on to someone who isn’t that great for too long because you’re afraid you can’t do better, or do you want settling down to be tough for you because of how amazing your single life is?

Do you want to keep doing the same thing and expecting something different, or are you ready for a new approach?

(This is actually the guy who got the handy under the table after never having kissing a woman. He’s now very happily married.)

You’ve already made your choice.

That’s why you have the life that you do. You continue to make that same choice every day and you live with it.

The real question is: Is that what you want, or would you like to choose differently?

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