Interview with Katya Morozova

Not long ago I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Dating & Relationship Coach Katya Morozova on a variety of love & sex related topics. If you’re interested more in her work, she offers a free attraction assessment with application.

Katya is awesome and we covered a ton of great/new content. The only challenge is there were technical difficulties and we meandered quite a bit.

That’s why I went ahead and created a table of contents for you, highlighting the parts I consider to be my best/newest advice (video below):

1:50 – Introductions (finally)
3:30 – Why did I start coaching? Followed by us exchanging difficult highschool experiences
8:00- What am I reading now? The need to optimize our energy
10:30 – How weird am I?
12:30 – Why the abnormally number of times I’ve been in love isn’t necessarily a great thing, and the difference between love and infatuation/lust
16:40 – Common misnomers about “the masculine”
21:20- How a guy can start tuning into his power
28:00- How to use your newfound power to your advantage in social situations
34:00 – What leading is and isn’t
46:00 – Leadership conversation hit technical difficulties and picks back up here
47:50- Me ranting about my biggest issues with the pua/dating coaching industry, and how my coaching has evolved
51:30 – What am I doing now?