Inaugural Sparks of Attraction Question & Answer Hangout

After some initial technical difficulties, the first ever SoA Q&A was underway and I couldn’t have been happier with the results. The questions started flying in through the chat box and it really felt like we were having a live conversation.

Special thanks to the guys who had the drive to ask the questions that stand between them and the social and dating lives that they know they deserve. I hope you enjoy the video as much as I enjoyed making it.

(List of specific questions  and link to downloadable audio can be found below the video)

  • Although the bar may be the best place to work our social and sexual muscles, do we have any alternatives?
  • What’s the little mindset shift that can stop me from running out of things to say?
  • How to get a woman to respond positively in conversation
  • This girl is in an undefined relationship but we have chemistry – how should I proceed?
  • How do girls react when they find out you’re a dating coach?
  • Can you really just be friends with a woman?
  • How to go for the kiss
  • How to maximize the power of going out with a female friend
  • How to get over an ex (I forget to mention “working on yourself” in this answer – but yes, definitely that.)
  • How do you get your confidence back after too many failures?
  • How do you make sure your numbers turn into dates?
  • And many more! (not even just saying that)

Download the Audio

4 thoughts on “Inaugural Sparks of Attraction Question & Answer Hangout

  1. Lol I cannot wait until next week! Great job on this weeks live stream! I will be sure to bring you some interesting questions.

  2. How do we participate in next weeks live stream.
    Also Nick, in the live stream you said that when someone is talking that we should be honed in on them. And this focus causes a defense mechanism that kind of makes the other person nervous and raises their heart rate. I could see how this would be beneficial for attraction. However, does this apply when you are talking to guys. It just doesn’t really seem to be productive to be making some dude nervous when you are trying to cultivate a friendship.

    • Hey Ambitious, you can get in on the live stream through my homepage on youtube.

      I’ll usually have the event set up about a half an hour in advance of the 6pm est start time so you can get the direct link then. I’ll definitely be announcing all of this on FB as well.

      Thanks for the question! I’ll definitely be answering it this week.

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