I’m Not Rich


I’ll be honest, no matter where I go there are men who have much more money than me, have nicer cars, wear nice clothes, and can give a girl more material happiness, i.e. flying her down to Costa Rica for the weekend.

A lot of men try to play this game, try to impress a girl with material things. Here’s the thing: it works, plenty of women will sleep with you for these things. The problem is that unless you’re .01% of the population, there will always be a man who can give her more.  We call that the Bigger Better Deal.

I know I can’t even compete at that game, so I don’t play it. The game I choose to play is to show a girl that those things aren’t that important, that feeling amazing and having true passion in her romantic encounters is by far more important than those material things. The material things I provide are a nice compliment, but it’s not what defines me to her. This game I can win.

The high echelon social scene in modern cities reminds me very much of the scene painted in The Art of Seduction of France during the Renaissance. The stories highlight the adventures of notable rakes and seducers of the time. In almost every story, the woman involved is a beautiful woman of the upper class. These were women surrounded by the most affluent men in the country and used to being wooed by the “finer things in life”.

Rakes saw this opportunity and re-ignited the passion in the lives of these women. It’s no wonder these stories are as historically popular with woman as with men.

There are many beautiful wonderful women who have been surrounded constantly by men who play the material game and try to be the highest bidder for her attention. Don’t play that game because you can never really win. Instead, remind her of the more important things and unlock a passion and happiness that every woman deserves. Those material things are then a nice compliment when things start to get more serious.


One thought on “I’m Not Rich

  1. Great Post Nick.

    It is great to know that there is someone out there who knows that if you have an interesting lifestyle and that you can show a woman that you are more then just a fancy car or clothes and that you have something that intrigues them, you are well on your way.

    I do agree there are women out there who just want $$$ and they are not worth it because they will just go to the next guy who has more $$$$.
    But I know if guys out there can create a lifestyle they enjoy living and get out there and experience what life has to offer and what we have been blessed with well we can really tell a story and telling a story is one of the most important parts to get a womans interest.

    Take Care Man.


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