How to Stop Being Creepy

If there’s one word that strikes more fear into the hearts of men than any other, than there’s a good chance it’s “creepy”. The sheer terror many of us face at the mere thought of being labeled with such as adjective is enough to change our course of action and navigate toward safer waters. While it’s important not to actually be creepy, far too often men neuter their actions out of fear of venturing onto creepiness to the point where they sabotage themselves with the object of their desire. That’s where I have to step in.

I was at that bar. Not to brag or anything 😉

Although younger girls, partially aware of the power it wields, have abused the word “creepy” to it point where its meaning has become blurred, it’s really not difficult to avoid creepiness if you know what to look for.

I usually hear concerns of coming across as creepy during two parts of my programs: approaching and making enough eye contact. Guys are worried that if they approach too aggressively or make too much eye contact they’ll succomb to the dreaded creeper label. The thing is, you must approach and make loads of eye contact in order to be successful with women, or with human beings in general. Often the guys with the biggest fears in regards to their approaching and eye contact could overdo both as much as possible and they still wouldn’t come close to making enough to cross any lines – that’s how far behind they’re coming from.

Avoiding creepy is simple. Approaching a stranger or initiating eye contact can never be creepy, that’s your job as a man, so do it. Your actions will only venture into creepiness when the human being you’re interacting with gives some signal that your actions make her uncomfortable – and you continue doing it anyway. That’s it! Avoid doing this and you’ll never be creepy, and any woman that tries to assert so couldn’t be more wrong – I usually just call them creepy right back.

Of course you can help your chances of not making someone feel uncomfortable by consciously making a friendly face, as a blank, unreadable expression can also make others feel uneasy – but as long as you stop doing something that visibly makes someone else uncomfortable you’ll always be in the clear. It’s your job as a man to be aggressive and hold steady eye contact. If anyone has a problem with you doing so then that’s their problem. It’s also your job to focus on the person in front of you and keep your mind drifting from god-knows-where, and to give someone space when they need it. With is mind go forward boldly without these unfounded fears and as the guys on the Jersey Shore like to say, get your creep on 😉

2 thoughts on “How to Stop Being Creepy

  1. Great input Nick! This is something I feel many men, including myself, fall into: fearing about being creepy when we aren’t being creepy, part of the reason why we are not going in for the “kill” as we should.

    The interesting thing about fear of being creepy is that it makes us men uneasy. The more we worry about it, the more our body language is going to show our uneasiness. Consequently, the woman is going to feel uncomfortable as well.

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