Sparks of Attraction Live Coaching

It’s the only program that guarantees a lifetime of confidence and success with women…

without pickup lines, tricks or gimmicks.


Let’s get started.

The fact that you’re reading this page tells us both a lot.

It tells me that you’re not entirely happy with your current social or dating situation.

Having spoken to a lot of our clients about the moment they decided they want to talk to us, I know that you might even be experiencing some serious frustrationright now – disgusted with something that didn’t go your way.

First things first– while you’re reading over this opportunity I’m about to present to you, I’ll ask you to turn off the voice in your head that might sabotage you and say, “things aren’t that bad with women”… or “things will get better on their own, eventually”.

Because you and I both know it: what that voice is telling you is garbage.

So turn it off.

In return, I promise not to bombard you with any ridiculous sales crap or false promises.

In fact, if you’re not ready for this, we aren’t even going to try to convince you to join us.

No bull… just cold, hard facts about achieving a breakthrough in your confidence, and success with women and life.

The reason we’re here:

Every time you see women you want to talk to and hold yourself back… when you fail to go for the kiss, disappointing both yourself and her…

Or when you get pushed around, left to reflect on what you “should” have done or said…

…and when you still feel like you’re in the dark and have no control over your happiness and success with women…

…the truth is this: not getting the results you want with girls causes a world of frustration, stress, and pain.

Every failure you experience with women drains energy from not just your social life… but from ALL areas of your life. Not having your dating life “handled” keeps you from reaching your potential as a man.

  • You dwell on what’s “not working” with your text messages.
  • You wake up sad and alone on Sunday mornings, wishing you had an amazing girl to head off to brunch with.
  • You get swept up in the ups and downs of dating, sometimes letting your health, career, and friendships slip in the process.

I’m not telling you anything you don’t know, am I? Remember, we’re being honest. We’ve personally experienced this stuff ourselves, as have our clients.

And if you’re in the same place, you may have even shelled out hard-earned dollars to pay for a course or program that promised to solve all your girl problems, promised to make you into a “superstar” with women, whatever, only to be disappointed by mediocre results from “first-say-this, then-say-that” stuff that was being taught. And you might have realized that a lot of the guys who pitch dating advice are immature, have bad beliefs about women, and are better at getting men to give them money than they are getting women to go on dates.

If you’ve spent any time on this website, then you know that that’s not us.

Before we get any further, I’m here to offer you a sobering reality:

Not every guy is ready for this program.

The truth is this: some guys just aren’t ready for this kind of change in their lives.

And we know that some guys aren’t ready for Lifetime Coaching.

Can any guy do it? Absolutely… we’ve coached 20-year-old virgins, 57-year-old divorcees, and guys who’ve been through a lot of hard times in their lives – weight gain, family loss, PTSD, stutters, blindness, wheelchairs… and they’ve all come out as champions.

But it takes a man who’s able to put his ego aside, who’s open to learning, and who is ready to be a REAL MAN with women… not a little boy playing games.

This is why we don’t promise our 100% success rate and a lifetime of coaching to just anyone. There is an admission process, and we weed out anybody who is not ready to take the jump.

… it wouldn’t be fair to the other clients if their fellow students weren’t “all in”.

And it wouldn’t be fair to accept you as a client if we couldn’t guarantee the awesome results that we get for the guys who are accepted.

You can call us perfectionists and tell us that our moral commitment to our clients is getting in the way of us making more money. But we insist on guaranteeing an experience that delivers on every promise I’m going to lay out to you.


Assertive. Powerful. Fearless.

And Totally Sexy.

Sparks of Attraction  Lifetime Coaching is like no other training course for men.

In fact, once you complete our introductory 4-day clinic, you’ll forget everything you thought you knew about what it means to be a confident, charismatic man.

You’ll forget about the little boy games, the sleazy trickery, and the false promises of wishful affirmations.

That’s because this experience was designed by and for real men.

It’s for men who want to give themselves the instinctive edge that awakens desire and excitement in women, and commands respect and admiration from other men.

It delivers on the thing that every man we’ve talked to really wants.

It’s the premium, powerful, life-changing experience that sets Lifetime Coaching apart from every other social and dating workshop on earth.


Imagine walking into any social situation, and knowing you have the power.

Imagine being so comfortable in your own skin that you can walk up to any girl (no matter how intimidating) and speak to her in a way that 99.99% of men can’t.

Imaging walking up to any guy (no matter how intimidating) and developing a solid, respectful bond within minutes.

Imagine new respect from your boss, your friends, your family.
They can sense a new sense of power and personal authority, and they can’t help but treat you differently.

Because you have become, quite literally… Fearless.

You have joined the elite ranks of the most charismatic, confident, and charming men in the world… and you now live a life where attracting, connecting with, and keeping beautiful woman is the very least of your worries. It’s a solved problem.

Because you have developed the instinctive edge that gives you:

permission to make your move: to approach, ask for the number, go for the kiss, and more… because you know that she wants this awesome, powerful man to make her feel like the sexy, amazing woman she is

– the cool authority that makes others put in the effort for you. you know when to hang back, when to keep your power in reserve, and how to easily earn the admiration of both men and women.

control over your own actions and emotions: you’re no longer a slave to the wishy-washy feelings that rule and ruin your life and your outcomes with women. you’re in charge, and others can’t help but respond favorably to such strength.

Because when all of this is instinct… when your conscious brain isn’t wasting a precious neuron on stressing about what to do with girls, a world of adventure opens up.


After some quick prep work, Sparks of Attraction Lifetime Coaching kicks off with a four-day adventure in one of the greatest cities in the world. During your days and nights working with us, your thoughts and actions will be utterly transformed, and you’ll leave with the hallmark confidence and magnetism of all our alums.

Your time will be split between social training workshops, where you’ll practice key actions and “moves” in a safe classroom environment, and real-world experience, where we’ll push you way beyond your comfort zone, and you’ll experience things you never thought possible for yourself.

It’s more fun than a champagne brunch party that’s hosted by Richard Branson on a private jet. But make no mistake – your success is our mission, and we approach it with the same professionalism and dedication you’d expect from any five-star, luxury service provider.

Here’s how you’ll be spending your time with us:

Thursday Evening: Approaching
You’ll begin Thursday evening with a brief overview and introductions before jumping right into the women that make your heart race. How to kill your hesitation, kick-start your “social momentum,” engage strangers, and get consistently positive responses. The material is simple and straightforward. After a brief discussion and a few drills, you’ll be out to the bars and into conversations. Remember – we focus on action, not theory. You’ll get demonstrations and feedback, and you’ll be amazed at how easy it is to get great responses from beautiful women and ‘alpha’ men by following our approach.

Friday: Conversation
Fresh off the success of the previous evening, you’ll learn natural conversation instincts. How to keep a conversation going endlessly, how to “turn her on” so she fills in the silences, and how to flirt from a position of high status. You’ll have a few “social missions” during lunch, then spend the afternoon on drills, where we’ll highlight the nervous habits that are sabotaging the interactions you care most about and show you how to overcome them. Friday night, you’ll be asked to prove mastery over the previous night’s approaching instincts, then we’ll guide you into breaking through your conversation barriers until women are consistently showing strong interest in you.

“Sexy” Saturday: Escalation
You may be a bit groggy after Friday night, but you’ll have no trouble perking right up as we start the afternoon with sexual drills, where you’ll get very, very close to our female instructors. You’ll learn how get sexual with a woman in a way that will never be called out for being ‘inappropriate,’ control the sexual tension, and go in for the kiss. Any awkwardness you’ve ever felt about such moments will evaporate, replaced with comfortable confidence.

After getting rested and scrubbed up, you’ll head to the bars for the final night; once you’ve demonstrated mastery over approaching and conversation instincts to your coaches, you’ll unleash your new sexual instincts, which will come naturally following all of the previous successes.

Sunday: Recap
Whooooo… you made it! After three days of being challenged, pushed, and refined, it’s time to celebrate and recap your progress over a long brunch. You’ll share stories with fellow classmates, receive feedback on any lingering weak spots, ask any final questions you may have, and receive a personalized action plan for the next four weeks. You’ll say final good-byes around 3PM, and depart with incredible new instincts, relationships and memories.

There’s simply no better way for a man to spend four days. Cliche as it may sound, you’ll walk away with friendships and skills that will stay with you for the rest of your life. If you were coming for the fun of it alone, it’d be worth five times the price.

But it’s so much more than fun. It’s life-changing. There’s no other experience that will give you the social confidence, the fire, and the charisma that our four day clinic delivers.


At any given moment, your brain is processing 400 billion bits of information.

At that same moment – your brain is only consciously aware of 2,000 of those bits of information.

If you’re not a math geek, that means that only 0.000000005% of what’s going on in that head of yours is in your conscious awareness.

99.999999995% is pure instinct.

When you partake in Lifetime Coaching, we will ever-so-subtly “shift” your focus, so that you experience a “realization,” that will completely overhaul the way you interact with the world and women.

Dr. Joseph Dispenza, a prominent neuroscientist best known for his appearance in the movie What The Bleep Do We Know?, explains the process like this:

“If we’re given knowledge and information outside the box… [the brain] is going to create a new vision. That new vision is like taking a flashlight, and shining it from those 2,000 bits of information… slightly over, in the dark, and looking at something new. That’s called realization.”

Sparks of Attraction Lifetime Coaching is designed to trigger a series of “realizations” over the clinic, creating new instinct that shatters the bad habits, beliefs, and behaviors that are currently holding you back.

This isn’t some self-health, inner-game nonsense. You’ll do real drills and exercises, with real women.

While guys attending other programs are being hammered with the unhealthy attitudes of their coaches (who usually still harbor a latent anger towards women)… or lectured about endless social theory and then led out into the real world with little guidance, you’ll be learning in the reality that we know and live.

In fact, there’s one thing you won’t find at our clinics: endless lecturing.

That’s because the most effective way to learn confidence and social skills follows a very simple pattern, described here by bestselling author and professor, Daniel Goleman:

  1. you see someone else do it
  2. you try it yourself
  3. you get feedback on it

It’s called Experiential Learning, and it’s the science behind the results we achieve for our clients. It’s “shining the flashlight” in a new direction and learning new instincts.

When we spend our time on the demonstration, repetition and correction of just a few key actions, your brain becomes unclouded and focused, and your social confidence changes profoundly.

Critically, Lifetime Coaching drills mastery on a shockingly low number of critical social skills that are the hallmark of a confident, fearless man. When it comes to getting better responses, more phone numbers and dates, and having more confidence and fun and authority in your social interactions, this stuff is it. The 20% that gets 80% of the results. The instinct.

“It’s rarely a mysterious technique that drives us to the top, but rather a profound mastery of a basic skillset.”
– Josh Waitzkin (National Chess Champion, and World Champion of Push Hands T’ai Chi), Author, The Art of Learning

Years have been spent stripping away the non-essential, the complicated, and the theoretical from what we teach. So rather than leave on Sunday evening with a notebook of techniques that you might, maybe, possibly use one day (if you remember them), you’ll literally transform your social instincts, at a fundamental level.

That’s because our coaching isn’t focused on memorization, but rather, on the development of new neural pathways. Every learning experience is both high-pressure… and safe, so we can coach you to success with a few simple actions. Your workshop sessions with beautiful women, your real-world missions, and your three nights out all reinforce this core learning method.

Author Daniel Coyle, who set out to discover how genius-level talent is developed in his book The Talent Code, discovered that “struggling in certain targeted ways – operating at the edge of your ability, where you make mistakes – makes you smarter.”

So it doesn’t matter how old you are, how socially experienced you are, or what your background is – Lifetime Coaching cuts through it all to deliver lasting, instinctive confidence and charisma.

This is reality. Backed up by science. And it’s exactly what we deliver.


We’re just scratching the surface of the deep, life-long confidence shifts that you’ll experience.

Our coaching with you starts long before your weekend training, and goes well beyond it. Once you become an alum, you become a part of private network of men who are always looking out for each others’ best.

Once you’ve completed the weekend, that’s just the tip of the iceberg, and although guys typically receive the best responses they’ve ever gotten from women during their clinic, they’re surprised to find that it only gets better in the following weeks. It’s takes about a month for a habit to form, and we want those new actions you’ve been taking throughout the weekend to become a natural part of who you are. That why for the month following your clinic, you’ll be sending in weekly reports of your progress, getting personal feedback along the way. One of the big reasons for our 100% success rate is that our initial four days together is only the beginning. Just like any muscle, the more you work them, the stronger they get, as will the responses you receive from women.

To make this entire process flow even more smoothly, you’ll also be invited to join our alumni community. Started by a former client, it’s grown into a network of support, encouragement, reality-altering discussions, and lots of good times. You can post a question there and get an ton of amazing responses, including my own, which collectively is a much better answer than I could ever give on my own. Want a review of your texts or online dating profile? Post it here and get all of your questions answered.

We’re also always scheduling nights out and introducing wingmen around the world. I truly can’t put into words what an exciting, motivated, inspiring group of alums that we have, and I truly feel honored to be a part of it and to call these guys my friends.

Your choice to apply for coaching means much more than a few nights out. It’s access to a group of men who’ve got it “figured out” and who can’t wait to meet you, share what they’ve learned, and learn what you have to teach them.

Finally, we take the life-long success of every one of our clients personally. If anything  pops up – as tends to happen in life from time to time – just let us know and you’ll be on the phone with us before you know it. When I commit myself to a new client for the rest of our lives, I take that commitment very seriously, and if a guy needs to talk I’ll clear my schedule.


Before we give you the details on how to apply, you’ve got to understand why we’re the “go-to guys”… and why you want to join this program.

Applying for this program means applying to work with professionals whose life mission is to help men become their best.

I love working with the best, and I am critical of the assistant coaches I choose to work with.

What this means is that you won’t be stuck with some new assistant with little coaching experience, plucked fresh from a recent program. On the rare instances I won’t be right beside you, you’ll be in the hands of masters.

Take the wonderful Christina Berkley for example. Christina has worked for nearly a decade to unlock the natural sexual confidence in both men and women and help them connect powerfully with other individuals. Her primary work, which involves a practice known as “Orgasmic Meditation” has been featured in Tim Ferris’ 4-Hour Body, and Christina is widely regarded as one of the the practice’s top instructors in the world. Her intuition for “what makes women feel good” is almost supernatural, and her commitment as a coach is second-to-none. It’s not uncommon for a client to leave a clinic completely wowed by Christina Berkley.

Also, while not primarily a coach, per se, my good friend and head of The Social Man, Christian Hudson has been known to pop in and share of his wide-ranging knowledge and personal experience.

Of course, joining us every weekend are our amazing female assistants – attractive, fun, desirable and good-hearted women who make the room light up. They’ve been hand-picked by me for their social acuity and compassion. You’ll have so much fun training with them that you’ll forget you’re actually training with them. These aren’t actresses paid to boost your ego. These are real women who want nothing more than your best.

Together, we’ll work closely and diligently with you, and few select clients, to develop these new powers of instinct.

“In the most literal sense, master coaches are the human delivery system for the signals that fuel and direct the growth of a given [neural] skill circuit, telling it with great clarity to fire here, and not over there.”
– Daniel Coyle, The Talent Code: Greatness Isn’t Born, It’s Grown

You simply won’t find coaches with a better combination of experience, professionalism and soul – real human beings who are uniquely amazing at this incredibly difficult profession.

I could talk about myself here, my credentials, my experience, etc. Anyone who knows me though, knows that really isn’t my style. I prefer to let my record, and my past clients speak for me…


Our clients become the men they always knew they could be. Effortlessly attractive and naturally charismatic. Fearless.

And they are thrilled to tell you about their experiences with us and their results.

The ultimate achievement for me from this program was calibration and self-awareness. I know exactly what women are responding to, what things I could do to stimulate the interaction, and most importantly how to do it over and over and over again. What I learned is amazing and I would do it again. It’s a life skill that doesn’t get enough credit. It’s true that many of us go through life without having to be experts at this skill. But guess what…I don’t want to be one of those guys. I want to be the guy that she brags about to all of her girlfriends.
– Philip

The coaching was nothing short of fantastic, because bottom line Nick just pushes you until you’re uncomfortable… then pushes you some more. This leads to a couple of awkward moments, but is also the fastest way to make improvement. I think the classroom sessions were very helpful because once we actually got to the bars I had already gotten over my biggest issues. So once you get past the fact that the classroom sessions can feel awkward/embarrassing, if you think about it, that’s actually where you make the most improvement because that was where you were most uncomfortable. Let me bottom line it for you: the program blew me away. Frankly, it was the best 4-day vacation I have ever had.
– Brendan

I cannot put into words how inspired I am after taking this program. My interactions have become so much more meaningful because I’m not carrying around a ton of mental baggage with me. But I want to emphasize that approaching and getting sexual with girls is not all I took away from this program. The overarching mindset of being a man and taking action to get the things you want in life has been motivating and life-changing for me. Taking this program gave me the desire to become a better person. And when you have that mindset, there’s no need to worry about not improving, because you’re going to. You want it so bad that you will go out and get it. And if that’s not reason enough, you have some new friends from the weekend that will make sure you’re pushing yourself. So, if you’re thinking about taking the program – do it!
– Nathan

When I first got back from the trip to NYC, I was worried that my progress wouldn’t stick and that without Nick and Christina around to push me I’d settle back into old habits. At the 1-month mark I’m happy to say that it didn’t turn out that way at all. I’m 3 weeks into an MBA program in a college town, and my biggest problem now is trying to tone it down so I don’t develop a reputation! Before I went to live coaching I was already doing fairly well with women, but not as well as I had liked. My biggest sticking point was that I was still afraid of rejection, so despite having some game I:
– could never pick up at a bar
– had problems building attraction from a first impression
– even when I had attraction going, I’d have problems with escalation like going for the touch or kiss
Live Coaching with Nick definitely helped me iron out those wrinkles. Nick does an incredible job of changing your attitude about how women think and what they want. I have no problem going in for the kiss anymore. I own my desire for a woman and I have no problem communicating it, and just like Nick said, they love it. All in all, I give the experience a 10/10. As long as you are willing to do the work (and are not just throwing money at a problem), you will get a lot out of it and it is well worth every. single. penny.

– Richard

There’s a point where telling the truth begins to sound like bragging. Where I feel my roommate’s envy as I return from walking another girl out to an awaiting cab. Where I find myself sheepishly denying facts after chatting up a girl at night. “Naw man, she was just being friendly…” Despite all the evidence, I still have a hard time accepting it. A player? Me? No, no, you got me all wrong. Perhaps this is because this lifestyle is still fresh and new. Soon, it will become part of what I expect out of myself, like being able to run X miles or do Y pushups. And then there will be new heights to be reached. Perhaps it’s because I don’t have anyone to share the news with – not wanting to seem pompous to family and friends. You, anonymous internet, are the only one who I will ever admit this to. But for now, I feel like I’ve pulled off a tremendous heist – sitting here in my hideout, counting all the loot. I remind myself to stay humble and hungry, but a part of me feels like singing at the top of my lungs. I vaguely remember what it felt like to struggle. To feel lost in a party, clutching a red solo cup, wishing I could just go home. How long ago was that? Seems like a lifetime. But there’s no point in indulging in the past. And there’s no point in denying the present. This, as they say, is only the beginning
– Ethan

Read these reviews in their entirety, and more, through the link above.


Over the years, Sparks of Attraction Lifetime Coaching has attracted a consistently high caliber of client: successful, healthy, and motivated to be his best.

We’ve learned that a clinic is a lot more than a weekend – it’s a gathering place for success-minded men. So we weren’t surprised to learn that two of our clients, who hailed from the same hometown, had several mutual friends. Or that two other clients, following their program, connected and started a tech business that’s since become a leader in it’s market.

Acceptance as a client means connections with executives, entrepreneurs, scientists, investment managers, and other successful men. And yes, we’ve had our fair share of college students – you can bet that they have a huge advantage to be connected with such a success-oriented group at such a formative age.

But we’re about more than material success. Our clients also include social workers, firefighters, and ministry leaders. We all see social confidence as a way to help shape the world into a better place. We know that standing up for what we believe in demands fearlessness, and that being a leader requires charisma.

And we know that when it comes to women, what you learn through Lifetime Coaching can be used in right ways, and in wrong ways. It can be used to elevate, or manipulate. This isn’t mere marketing hype – this is the real power that our clients develop.

Some of our clients begin to lead exciting dating and social lives, passionately sharing cocktails and adventures with woman after woman. Many others have gone on to get married – one was hitched within six months of working with us. But whatever their lives looked like after their clinic, we know that our clients are treating women right.

So if you are considering working with us, you should know what we will and will not accept.

Men who use too much pickup artist terminology like “day 2” and “neg the target” will not be accepted. Men who have latent aggression or aspirations of total dominance over women won’t be accepted. Men who are looking for underhanded ways of tricking women won’t be accepted. Men who are just looking for more notches on their bedpost will not be accepted. Men who think that they can cover up a rotten foundation with pretty wallpaper won’t be accepted.

To keep our client network healthy, positive, and growth-oriented, we look for the following beliefs in our clients.

  • Conversations change the world, and I want to change it for the better
  • I don’t see women as the same in every single way, but I don’t see them as any less than me
  • I want to have real connections – platonic, emotional, sexual – with real human beings
  • I wish to elevate the quality of life of my friends, family, and others who surround me
  • I accept full responsibility for my happiness, success, and well-being, and I surround myself with those who will help me achieve it

Also, we will not accept men who are looking for a quick fix. Like any real self improvement, this takes serious effort. I’ve already stressed how seriously I take my commitment to a client, in order to do so I have to make sure he’s willing to make the same commitment to himself.

Perhaps you have a small knot in your stomach as you consider all of this. Or perhaps you are excited. Either of those feelings is excellent – it means that you know that Lifetime Coaching will challenge you to finally become the man you know you can be.


We typically hold our four-day clinics once a month. Registration is capped at six attendees per event.

Here’s what’s next:

We’ve set up a survey that will give us the basics on your current situation. It will take you about 5 minutes to fill out.

Once we review it, you’ll have a 15-minute call with an admissions counselor. If that call goes well, you’ll be scheduled to talk to one of our senior coaches. The two of you will ask each other some final questions, and make a final decision.

No sleazy salespeople, no pushy salesmanship, no slimy sales tactics. That’s our commitment to you.

Have you got what it takes?

Step #1: Fill out the survey at the bottom of this page

Step #2: We’ll get in touch with you within 2 business days, and your call with an admissions counselor to see if you’re a fit will be set.

And if we both wish to proceed, we’ll get you started immediately.

If the possibility of life-long success with women excites you, it’s time to move. Our programs always fill up, and we usually book several months in advance.

You risk absolutely nothing by taking the survey. But you risk being left out of what could be the most important weekend of your life if you hesitate.

Talk to ya soon,