Sparks of Attraction Live Coaching

It’s the only program that guarantees a lifetime of confidence and success with women…

without pickup lines, tricks or gimmicks.



The truth is this: not having amazing relationships with women causes a world of frustration, stress, and pain.

Every failure you experience with women drains energy from not just your social life… but from ALL areas of your life. Not having your dating life “handled” keeps you from reaching your potential as a man.

  • You dwell on what’s “not working” with your text messages.
  • You wake up sad and alone on Sunday mornings, wishing you had an amazing girl to head off to brunch with.
  • You get swept up in the ups and downs of dating, sometimes letting your health, career, and friendships slip in the process.

I’m not telling you anything you don’t know, am I? We’re being honest. We’ve personally experienced this stuff ourselves, as have our clients.

You may have even shelled out hard-earned dollars to pay for a course that promised to make you into a “superstar” with women, only to be disappointed by mediocre results.

I’m not here to convince you that we’re the best dating coaches on the planet. Instead, I’ll let our results speak for us:

Full reviews found here.

The thing is… not every guy is ready for this program.

Some guys just aren’t ready to let go of their immature mindsets and absorb this.

Can any guy do it? Absolutely… we’ve coached 20-year-old virgins, 67-year-old divorcees, and guys who’ve been through a lot of hard times in their lives – weight gain, family loss, PTSD, stutters, blindness, wheelchairs… and they’ve all come out as champions.

But it takes a man who’s able to put his ego aside, who’s open to learning, and who is ready to be a REAL MAN with women… not a little boy playing games.

If this sounds like you, then you’re free to read more about the program, or just skip to the end to apply.


Imagine walking into any social situation, and knowing you have the power.

Imagine being so comfortable in your own skin that you can walk up to any girl (no matter how intimidating) and speak to her in a way that 99.99% of men can’t.

Imaging walking up to any guy (no matter how intimidating) and developing a solid, respectful bond within minutes.

Imagine new respect from your boss, your friends, your family.
They can sense a new sense of power and personal authority, and they can’t help but treat you differently.

You have joined the elite ranks of the most charismatic, confident, and charming men in the world… and you now live a life where attracting, connecting with, and keeping beautiful woman is the very least of your worries. It’s a solved problem.

Because you have developed the instinctive edge that gives you:

permission to make your move: to approach, ask for the number, go for the kiss, and more… because you know that she wants this awesome, powerful man to make her feel like the sexy, amazing woman she is

– the cool authority that makes others put in the effort for you. you know when to hang back, when to keep your power in reserve, and how to easily earn the admiration of both men and women.

control over your own actions and emotions: you’re no longer a slave to the wishy-washy feelings that rule and ruin your life and your outcomes with women. you’re in charge, and others can’t help but respond favorably to such strength.

Because when all of this is instinct… when your conscious brain isn’t wasting a precious neuron on stressing about what to do with girls, a world of adventure opens up.


After extensive pre-program work to make sure well prepared for your workshop, Sparks of Attraction Live Coaching kicks off with a three-day adventure in one of the greatest cities in the world. During your days and nights working with us, your thoughts and actions will be utterly transformed, and you’ll leave with the hallmark confidence and magnetism of all our alums.

Here’s how you’ll be spending your time with us:

(Optional) Thursday Evening: Approaching
You’ll begin Thursday evening with a brief overview and introductions before jumping right into the women that make your heart race. How to kill your hesitation, kick-start your “social momentum,” engage strangers, and get consistently positive responses. The material is simple and straightforward. After a brief discussion and a few drills, you’ll be out to the bars and into conversations. Remember – we focus on action, not theory. You’ll get demonstrations and feedback, and you’ll be amazed at how easy it is to get great responses from beautiful women and ‘alpha’ men by following our approach.

Friday: Conversation
Friday afternoon is all about developing your conversational instincts. How to keep a conversation going endlessly, how to “turn her on” so she fills in the silences, and how to flirt from a position of high status. We’ll spend around 6 hours putting you in different scenarios with our lovely female assistants until you get it right. All you have to do Friday night is repeat your success in the real world.

“Sexy” Saturday: Escalation
You may be a bit groggy after Friday night, but you’ll have no trouble perking right up as we start the afternoon with sexual drills, where you’ll get very, very close to our female instructors. You’ll learn how get sexual with a woman in a way that will never be called out for being ‘inappropriate,’ control the sexual tension, and go in for the kiss. Any awkwardness you’ve ever felt about such moments will evaporate, replaced with comfortable confidence.

After getting rested and scrubbed up, you’ll head to the bars for the final night; once you’ve demonstrated mastery over approaching and conversation instincts to your coaches, you’ll unleash your new sexual instincts, which will come naturally following all of the previous successes.

Sunday: Recap
Whooooo… you made it! After three days of being challenged, pushed, and refined, it’s time to celebrate and recap your progress over a long brunch. You’ll share stories with fellow classmates, receive feedback on any lingering weak spots, ask any final questions you may have, and receive a personalized action plan for the next four weeks. You’ll say final good-byes around 2PM, and depart with breakthroughs aplenty, new relationships and memories, and a new life to look forward to.


If you are considering working with us, you should know what we will and will not accept.

Men who use pickup artist terminology like “neg the target” will not be accepted. Men who have latent aggression or aspirations of total dominance over women won’t be accepted. Men who are looking for underhanded ways of tricking women won’t be accepted. Men who are just looking for more notches on their bedpost instead of actual connections will not be accepted. Men who think that they can cover up a rotten foundation with pretty wallpaper won’t be accepted.

To keep our client network healthy, positive, and growth-oriented, we look for the following beliefs in our clients.

  • Conversations change the world, and I want to change it for the better
  • I don’t see women as the same in every single way, but I don’t see them as any less than me
  • I want to have real connections – platonic, emotional, sexual – with real human beings
  • I wish to elevate the quality of life of my friends, family, and others who surround me
  • I accept full responsibility for my happiness, success, and well-being, and I surround myself with those who will help me achieve it

Also, we will not accept men who are looking for a quick fix. Like any real self improvement, this takes serious effort. I’ve already stressed how seriously I take my commitment to a client, in order to do so I have to make sure he’s willing to make the same commitment to himself.

Perhaps you have a small knot in your stomach as you consider all of this. Or perhaps you are excited. Either of those feelings is excellent – it means that you know that Live Coaching will challenge you to finally become the man you know you can be.


Step #1: Fill out the application at the bottom of this page

Step #2: You’ll be contacted by an admissions counselor within the next week to schedule an initial call to assess your goals. If that call goes well, you’ll next talk directly to me and together we’ll decide if we’re a great fit for one another.

We hold our events several times a year. Registration is capped at six attendees per event and we typically book around two months in advance.

Now is as good of a time as any to decide what you’re ceiling is, and whether or not you’re willing to work for it.

Talk to ya soon,